Project Description


An unstoppable and beautiful party…

It is always a huge opportunity for a photographer to meet strong and successful personalities like Renée Moore. Renée is a brilliant businesswoman who delivers inspirational keynotes to audiences around the world and motivates people to take action. Believe me, she is unstoppable!
For her fiftieth birthday, she decided to throw a big party with all her friends and family from all over the world. Everything she does is always professional. She had decided to be the lady in pink, with a marvelous glittery dress and shining shoes. I love it! As she also loves purple, she posed in front of a purple Beetle borrowed for the day to a friend and had chosen purple garden furniture as well as purple beer and wine booth. It was “la vie en rose” and purple!
On top of that she had organized amazing flower arrangements (even for her dog!), beautiful settings in the garden, fantastic food, pink cocktails, games… It was a real event!
Love and joy were in the air. Surrounded by family and friends, Renée was glowing. Everyone was happy to be reunited and lots of speeches took place on the dedicated stage.
Of course, for me, it was a real pleasure to capture the feelings and emotions of this talented, funny and extrovert lady as she really fascinates and inspires me, already for so many years.
Because she is such a perfectionist, I had to have my eyes everywhere in order to catch every little detail. I love this two.
I spent the whole day at the party and did a focus on Renée, star of the day and tried to shoot her complicity with her husband and her guests. Of course, we did plenty of group photos as so many people had travelled from far away but I also managed to take a lot of very interesting portrait and tried to focus on everyone’s emotions.
I think that Renée was very happy with this “life story reportage” that continues perfectly the “home story reportage” I did for her a few years ago. It was an incredible day and everybody was only smiling the whole time. Best job ever for a photographer!
Thank you so much dear Renée!
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