Project Description


Beautiful exhibition @ Maison Molière in Paris

Lulu has been one of my favourite artists since we met in Sao Paolo while I was living there. We immediately became close friends and I convinced her to exhibit  her work to the public and became her local agent. Lulu’s Paris exhibition, in the capital of art and fashion, was the achievement of many years of preparation and a recognition of Lulu’s talent!
Lulu is magnetic! She exudes positive energy and inspires confidence to all in her presence.
As a photographer, my goal is to sense my clients desires and requirements intuitively. I balance professionalism and good preparation with a relaxed atmosphere which encourages improvisation.
In this exhibition story I wanted to capture all the joy and happiness that people experienced at the gallery. Although it was raining outside, the Brazilian sun was shining brightly indoors for all those who had the privilege to participate.
I commenced my photo shoot with the preparation of the exhibition and the hanging of the pieces. I captured Lulu warmly welcoming her guests, her family and friends enjoying their aperitif and documented the interaction between the viewers and the artwork.
What a huge success Lulu’s premiere was! Every single piece was sold during the auction!
Thanks to all pictures taken that night, Lulu will remember this incredible evening forever!

Très Pro et révélatrice de couleur, toujours avec goût, finesse et gaieté… J’adore!

Exposition vente aux enchères Felicidade-Drouot. Merci Dorothée pour ton oeil magique, tu as su retranscrire, comme à chaque fois, l’ambiance chaleureuse des préparatifs, inscrire à jamais l’événement Felicidade dans le temps. Tes photos sont magiques, lumineuses tout en laissant place au naturel. Tu as su sublimer chaque personne, chaque regard et sourire. Hâte d’être au prochain shooting!
Lulu, artiste peintre