Project Description



Les Mouettes Vertes is a French company specializing in bags and accessories made of ecological cotton. They are renowned for their social, environmental and ethical commitment.

My goal was to understand the philosophy of the company, respect their visual identity and present their product as attractively and desirably as possible. I met the general manager and members of his team for briefing. I also conducted research of my own, undertook a survey, compared their website with their competitors and helped them with ideas on location, models (volunteers from the company) and type of pictures needed.

In collaboration with their creative team, we chose a wide product assortment from shopping bags to schoolbags and shot them in different environments: an organic shop, a beautiful Parisian apartment and specific gardens and streets in Paris. The final consumer should identify with and be seduced by the whole concept.

My role involved directing the shooting but I was also instrumental in the staging and choice of locations. It was a real pleasure to work with this team and brainstorm on the storytelling of their fabulous company.

We meticulously prepared every detail of the shooting in order to optimise timing and achieving the perfect photos. According to plan we finished in the allocated two full days of shooting.

The results speak for themselves on their website