Project Description



Alviana is a German company, offering a large range of natural cosmetics for every day use. This company has strong values and conviction and not only do they offer fresh, natural and affordable products but they try to make the world a little bit more beautiful:
– no animal testing
– high quality natural raw materials
– local manufacturing
For all these reasons, I fell in love with the brand and the team and was so glad to collaborate. Small in size but big in efficiency, the team is made of 6 dynamic women, enthusiastic fans of natural beauty.
We have been working together for more than 5 years and for the last shooting I wanted to play with colours, therefore with Graffitis and emphasize the qualities of this unique team. Like their products, these women are fresh, young, bright, motivated and really focus on the world and its challenges.
We have spotted the perfect location and we were really lucky with the weather. We all knew each other so there wasn’t much to explain and the dynamic of the group was very natural. I had great fun and I hope they did as well.
These pictures have been used among others for their website