My career began far away from Art. I am French, with a degree in Biology, I have ten years of international experience in a large Pharmaceutical Company. I had the opportunity to travel extensively for business and pleasure. I enriched myself with great people, wonderful experiences and fantastic images and so my love for Art was born.

In 2007 arriving in Brazil, my love for Art was further nurtured. In São Paulo, and after three years of study, I realised my dream to focus on photography and I started my journey as an artist. Always with my camera to hand, I explored the urban jungle of São Paulo and the amazing nature of Brazil. My eyes sought out daily Art, vibrant colors, and fleeting moments.

In January 2011, I was back to Europe, in the beautiful city of Heidelberg in Germany and new challenges came up. The next chapter of my Art Story started!

I realized how our life’s journey makes incredible turns, and the story should be told. I then decided to dedicate my professional life not only to photography but collectively to all the things that I am passionate about to capture in pictures the beauty of people’s life story whether at home or at work.

I do my best to keep the right balance between professionalism and good preparation with a relaxed atmosphere which encourages improvisation. With time and experience, I have learned  to sense my clients desires and requirements intuitively. The reason why I am so passionate about my job is because human relationship are so fundamental to me. So I do enjoy my life because I know that it is beautiful…